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Le note di rilascio del prodotto dettagliano ogni singola modifica apportata al rilascio. Scopri cos'è cambiato con Visual SEO Studio versione

Visual SEO Studio

Published: domenica 20 novembre 2016

A maintenance release, adds some minor new features as well.

New Features:

  • Data Extraction: The user can save and load column sets.
    Users loved our Data Extraction at first sight, but asked us to enable saving and loading column definitions. Here it is.
  • DOM window: "Copy outerHTML" context menu command.
  • DOM window: "Copy innerHTML" context menu command.

User Experience / Usability:

  • Custom Filters UI: improved UX by hiding the little useful field "Description".
    Now the user has a lot of space on the form to work with his custom filters.
  • Data Extraction: a space is now inserted between the default column name and the progressive number when composing the suggested new column name. The same is done when suggesting the new column set name.
  • Pro Trial: a more detailed message is given when the Pro Trial expires.


  • Readability Analysis: now plain text extraction skips HTML5 "header" and "footer" elements (already did with "nav" tag).


  • InnerText computation erroneously removed "nav" contents. Affected "Find pages" (search in page text option) and custom filters innertext property.
  • Readability Analysis: in case of no XPath is provided, if the page misses the "body" element, an empty text is returned (before it returned head innertext).
  • Readability Analysis: when no XPath was given, text inspection comprised also the html/head inner text. Now it looks for the body part only (and reverts to the whole document text only if no body is found, to prevent cases of bad html).
  • DOM window: prevented potential crash that could have occurred selecting "Copy XPath" on a text node. Now the option is available only for element nodes.
    No real user ever experienced the problem.
  • Custom Filters: the "Undo" button now correctly restores on the form the last saved custom filter.
  • Custom Filters: filters with an empty name cannot be saved anymore.