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Visual SEO Studio

Published: martedì 28 febbraio 2017

A maintenance release, adds support to multi-account in GSC integration (most prominently used for Search Analytics data columns via Google Search Console API), meeting a common requirement from SEO professionals and agencies working with multiple GSC accounts.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for more insights about the release please read: Visual SEO 1.6.1 - API multi-account

New Features:

  • GSC integration: support for multi-account:
    An account switcher is available at the top of Search Analytics configuration window, with a shortcut to add a new account. The same switcher is als available in the Administered Sites window.
    Accounts can be fully managed from the preferences dialog.
  • Tabular View, added "Robots meta tag", "(bot name) meta tag", "X-Robots-Tag", "X-Robots-Tag (bot name)", "Index" (combined) and "Follow" (combined) columns. The columns are not visible by default.
    Thanks to Martino Mosna for pointing out they were missing in the view.
  • Page Properties Window, added in miscellaneous section "Canonical URL", computed combining canonical meta tag and HTTP header (it already was available as a column in Tabular View).


  • Real world crashing condition fixed. Occurred to six users when using JS and CSS viewer bottom panel under some corner-case conditions.
    This was quite long standing, and we had no clue how to reproduce it. Thanks to the user who reported it and went the extra mile providing step-by-step instructions and a screencast on how to reproduce it!
  • Fixed real world crash occurring from DOM window when selecting "Copy InnerHtml" on a node where the inner html was an empty string. It now copies in the clipboard an empty string.
    Thanks to Stefano Tondi for the excellent bug report.
  • Minor translations fixes, various languages.