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Visual SEO Studio

Published: domenica 14 maggio 2017

A maintenance release, 1.6.3 extends its support for LAN and external HTTP proxy servers, other than fixing some bugs.

New Features:

  • Extended HTTP proxies support
    We extended support for HTTP proxy servers. We previously only supported the default one configured via Windows "Internet Settings", but our users asked us to enable a custom proxy configuration to work in some corporate LAN settings and external proxies as well.
    Possible scenarios are numerous, and so far we are only sure to support the ones faced by the users who asked our help. Some further improvements will come in the future.


  • An uninstall survey on Visual SEO Studio web site is now launched when the user uninstall the product. (The update process does not start the survey)
  • Added trailing ":" symbol for labels missing it to uniform notation in accordance to common usability guidelines (all languages).


  • Removed from main menu language switcher disabled entries (HR and RO) for languages where the program is not yet translated.


  • Page images panes: fixed corner-case crashing condition occurring when user invoked the context menu command in case the URL was not resolved. Occurred to two distinct real users.
  • Page images panes: fixed crashing condition occurred when user invoked "Browse URL..." in case of base64 embedded images.
    Now the option is not shown in case of embedded images. No real user apparently ever experienced the issue.
  • Fixed crashing condition potentially occurring when using the "Find pages..." feature while a crawl process was still going on, especially when a big number of pages were already crawled and the search criteria was complex.
    It happened because we were trying to enumerate the original collection, and the longer the search took, the higher the chance the original collection changed under the hood; now the original collection of crawled pages (even if partial as it happens when the crawl is ongoing) is cloned and we use a fixed collection to search on.
  • Typos fixed (various languages).