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Visual SEO Studio

Published: martedì 31 luglio 2018

Visual SEO Studio release 1.9 - code named "Grigua Binella" - comes with a new feature: Mozscape API integration.
Improvements in Usability and User Experience make it also more pleasant to use.

What follows is a fully detailed Release Notes; for more insights about the release please read: Visual SEO 1.9 adds Moz metrics.

New Features:

  • Mozscape API integration.
    Whenever there is a table with with and URL column and it makes sense - Tabular View, Data Extraction, Readability Analysis and Links Inspector - user can choose to add four columns with the most used data from Moz: PA, DA, and two URL links metrics (nr. of Links and nr. of External Equity-Passing Links).
  • GSC "Search Analytics" API integration:
    Now that (since 18 Jun 2018) Google API permits it, we added support for fetching up to 16 months of data in Visual SEO Studio as well.
    The same pre-arranged date ranges available in the new GSC are available as well.

Usability / UX:

  • Default colour scheme slightly changed making the light green more pastel-green to make it more eye-resting.
  • Suggestions reports now use a brand new charting component to draw the pie chart.
    The chart now always fit the available space properly so that user can more easily read the slices percentages. User can also rotate the graph in cases the labels were overlapped.
    Used in: HTML Suggestions, URL Suggestions, hreflang Analysis and GA Suggestions.
  • GSC "Search Analytics" options form, minor UI adjustments.
  • GSC options window: the property combo after being populated, if no entry matches the grid content is left unselected.
    Previously it selected by default the first entry, but this occasionally caused confusion.
  • Settings window has now a gear icon.
  • Main menu, added gear icon for Settings menu entry.
  • Settings window: improved order of the tree nodes in the left side pane.
  • Options dialogs layout uniformed.
  • Option dialogs have now an upper title (same as the current node text in the left pane tree) to make it clearer what they are about.
  • Options dialog, avoided flickering it happened when switching selection of first-level node and first child done, where the option dialog to show are the same.


  • Data Extraction: memory consumption improvement (since we do not store the full URL of each row item).


  • GSC Search Analytics options: pre-packaged date range options now follow for the start date the convention used in the new GSC, which often is one day before what you normally see in the old UI of the Google Search Console (it also depends on your time zone, you might have never noticed it).
  • Improved crash auto-diagnostics for crashed that might occur during a site crawl.
    They are very rare nowadays, but being able to reproduce them took us sometimes far too many hours. Now we should be able to more easily pinpoint them and fix them in a shorter time.


  • Fixed a crashing bug that could have occurred when during crawling the spider met a "mailto:" address where the column symbol were not the standard ASCII column symbol.
  • Fixed regression: closing the tab with a crawl in progress wasn't any longer prevented, and subsequent crashes might have occurred with the spider still crawling and the program trying to send paint events to the no longer existing UI.
  • GSC options window: the property combo did not load and pre-select the first time the window was invoked.
  • Launch Panel (left panel): by clicking between "Crawl View" and "Folder View" a message box popped up warning "Feature not available".
    Thanks to S.T. who first spotted and reported the issue.
  • Fixed UI regression: Manage Sessions tab title was always in English also when the selected application language was a different one.