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Visual SEO Studio

Published: venerdì 3 agosto 2018

This is mostly a hotfix release for a bug introduced with Visual SEO Studio release 1.9 in options windows.
We profited to complete a few changes that couldn't make it for the official 1.9 release date, to make the new Mozscape API integration shine.

For more details on release 1.9 please read: Visual SEO 1.9 adds Moz metrics.

Usability / UX:

  • Mozscape API integration: user is now forced to validate credentials before using them (unless they already did).


  • Added missing Polish translations (they didn't make it in time for rel 1.9).


  • Settings window: fixed crashing bug that occurred when user clicked on the OK button without having ever selected the new Moz credentials panel.
  • Settings window: fixed crashing condition that could have occurred when user changed any value in hany options form, without having first visualized Moz panel :(
  • Moz options form: after validating credential, the text in "Account Type" field was not localized.
  • Some corrections in translations, mostly Polish.