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Visual SEO Studio

Published: lunedì 17 settembre 2018

This release is part of the tail of the 1.9.x "GriguaBinella" version. It enriches third-party API integrations with Bing Webmaster Tools data, and adds several improvements to the piece of software.

For more details about release 1.9.2 "Tiamessuie" please read: Visual SEO 1.9.2 adds Bing traffic data.

New Features:

  • Bing Webmaster tools API integration:
    In grids where it makes sense, user can add columns with search traffic data extracted from Bing webmasters API: Click, Impressions, CTR, Average impression position and Average click position.
    The feature is enabled in the Professional Edition and available in the Tabular View (which can show all crawled data, or a subset of it obtained from Custom Filters or any of the Suggestions reports), the list of snippets in Data Extraction, the list of contents in Readability Analysis, or the list of links in Links Inspector.
    The command can be invoked from the upper-left context menu (gear icon) present in all grids, and in some cases from easier to spot helper buttons (e.g. grid top right toolbar available in Tabular View and Links Inspector main list).
    When no API key has been provided yet, user is first asked to provide one; options form is automatically launched and opened on the new options panel specifically designed to input your Bing Webmaster tools API key, now persisted if configured.
    Upon invoking the command, user has to specify the data fetching options: site and date range.
    Data is cached in memory to reduce API quota consumption when possible.

Usability / UX:

  • Grids upper-left context menu: added item group separators now that the number of menu items has grown.
  • Start page, projects list: renaming a project has a more detailed error message now covering more cases.
  • New project form: choosing a new project has a more detailed error message now covering more cases.
  • Main options dialog now loads faster.
  • Options / URL parameters: notification error icon (which appears in case of validation error) was only partially visible.
  • Verified sites form: in BWT option, the text label "Bing Webmaster Tools API Key" was too verbose and made the UI clogged. Substituted with "API Key" (all languages).


  • Tree views (Session View and Folder View): switching "Show title / Show path" and "Show crawl progressive" is now a little faster.
  • Minor improvement in the (already small) impact of progress bars on reported tasks.


  • Bing Webmaster Tools api key is now persisted. User can configure it from the Preferences/Options window.
  • Verified Sites now uses the stored Bing Webmaster Tools API key, if configured.
  • Verified sites: explanatory text updated.
  • Verified sites window: better localization for "Bing webmaster tools" notation (all languages).
  • Google "search analytics" integration: now Google additional data columns (Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Avg. Position) have a "Google: " prefix to better distinguish them from data form other sources (now that we also have Bing equivalent data).
  • Grids: when present, API integration context menu items are now always enabled. If the Edition does not permit executing the command, user will be prompted a dialog window.
  • Start page: explanatory text for verified sites updated.


  • Start page, projects list: renaming a project could have caused a crash in some cases (e.g. some non handled invalid chars, reserved words, existing project name).
  • Start page, projects list: validation errors were not displayed when user attempted to name a project with an invalid name.
  • Start page: projects list was acting buggy when sorted over one of the columns.
  • New project form: creating a new project in some cases could have caused a crash (e.g. some non handled invalid chars, reserved words).
  • Opening the Preferences/Options window and then clicking OK without having at least loaded the Moz credential pane caused the Moz credentials to be lost.
  • API integration: adding a first column set (e.g. search analytics columns) and then a second set (e.g. moz metrics) made the first column set non sortable.
  • Verified sites: Bing API verification did not support proxies.
  • Check for update: communication errors were recognized, but erroneously reported as "no updates available".
  • Check for update: timeout errors were not correctly recognized.
  • GSC "search analytics" settings form: the window could have been shrank to a minimum size that hid the filters options.