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Visual SEO Studio

Published: mercoledì 17 ottobre 2018

A maintenance release, this version addresses several performance issues that could have previously shown up when dealing with large crawl session (70K URLs or more, possible in the Professional Edition); even very large datasets are now handled smoothly with so-called "progressive rendering".
It also adds several improvements in Usability and User Experience. Most notably, multi-columns tree views for Crawl View and Folder View.

Usability / UX:

  • Crawl View and Folder View (and run-time crawl view): tree views have now multiple columns.
    While before this release used were forced to switch tree nodes text between "path" and "title", now the tree views text node always show the pages URL path, and the viedws have an additional column "Title". Other then being more usable (accorging to those who beta tested it), this also bypasses a performance problem that occurred when switching node text for large data sets.
    The old "Show crawl progressive" is still there, but now it switches visibility of a "Crawl Progressive" column instead of updating tree nodes texts. This also bypasses a performance problem that occurred when switching with large data sets.
    The option is now not checked by default because, while crawl progressive number is useful to better understand crawl budget and crawl paths, it's not the first thing to look at during an SEO audit. User can switch it any time without any performance impact.
    We also added a handy "HTTP Status" column.
    At present we did not want to clutter the UI with too many columns - there's the Tabular View for thourough inspection - and preferred adding the bare minimum columns to have a clear overall view; the Property windows can give all the page insights needed.
    We might consider adding some columns more in the near future - depending on users' feedback - particularly those reflecting a state computed combined more basic properties.
  • Find pages dialog permits to stop a running search. This is extremely useful when searching a huge number of pages.
  • Textual progress bars can now display percentages with or without decimal values, depending on the context. For example, loading data from DB is generally fast enough and thus no decimal values are displayed. For reports data processing phase - which might in same cases of advanced reports over big crawl sessions - a decimal value is displayed.
  • All reports: data processing phase advancement percentage is now reported also with decimal values.
    This makes a better experience when waiting for long tasks over big data sets.
  • Links Inspector: progress bars showing progress when loading in the UI grouped values (e.g. links by anchor text, by domain, etc...) have now fore color black to ease reading percentage value.
  • Search Results bottom panel: added context menu items "Copy URL" and "Browse URL".
  • HTTP issues bottom panel: added context menu items "Copy URL" and "Browse URL".
  • GSC and BWT integration: in case of "URL list" crawl session, where no start URL is available, the preferred property to match when the setting form is loaded is the one of the "domain linked to" - if available - set when starting the crawl of the URL list.


  • Loading huge crawl sessions in Crawl View and - even more - Folder View did take too long and did freeze the UI.
    Now the treeviews are rendered progressively and the UI does not freeze.
    Load time also went down dramatically: we measured it about 60% faster.
  • Removed a bottleneck which slowed down storing crawl data on disk in case of large crawls.
  • Crawl View / Folder View: expand to level is now much faster. For large data sets expanding to a high level can still take long (but to the top level is instantaneous), it depends on data structure (this can be still slow especially for Folder View with huge crawl sessions with highly nested folders).
  • Links Inspector, link trees now load a little faster.
  • Progress bars in reports during the data processing phase have less impact on the UI and are less likely to slightly slow it down and temporarily freeze it when performing fast tasks, especially on small crawl sessions (you'll hardly notice the improvement unless you are using an old and slow PC).


  • Check for updates: if the window is prompted at program startup because an update is available, the page from where to download the update is opened even if user clicks on the upper-right X.
  • Crawl View (and run-time crawl view): option "Show crawl progressive" is now not checked by default (as in Folder View).
    Crawl progressive number is useful to better understand crawl budget and crawl paths, but it's not the first thing an SEO would look first, thus we made visualization of this piece of information optional.


  • Fixed real world crash that occurred on some versions of Windows, causing the program to crash when launching the Options window.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools API integrations: fixed crash that occurred when the crawl session was referred to a URL list.
  • Folder view: fixed crashing condition that could have occurred when loading huge crawl sessions data.
  • Fixed regression: on some windows (Data Extraction, Custom Filters, hreflang Checker, Screenshots management, robots.txt viewer) progress bar shown when loading or processing data did report visually only up to one tenth of the progress bar width (but reported textual percentage was correct).
  • Export to Excel and Export to CSV did not export API-added Bing data columns.
  • Folder View: numeric up-down control "expand to level" had maximum value wrongly computed
  • Crawling: redirected URLs were queued/crawled/stored each time they were encountered.
    This did not impact reports correctness (apart some counters), yet in certain scenarios where the wrong link were in a template (for example) and thus encountered many times, it could have impacted crawl time.