Note di rilascio per la versione

Le note di rilascio del prodotto dettagliano ogni singola modifica apportata al rilascio. Scopri cos'è cambiato con Visual SEO Studio versione

Visual SEO Studio

Published: giovedì 23 giugno 2022

This maintenance release mostly fixes several bugs detected in a periodic software quality review.

New Features:

  1. "Page Links" bottom pane: added (initially hidden) "CSS path" column, like in Links Inspector. The piece of information was already there, but users had no way to visualize it from the bottom panel.

Usability / UX:

  1. DOM Viewer: selected node was little readable as it maintained the color scheme with a blue background.


  1. [Win] Minimal .Net Framework requirement changed to 4.6.2 since MS is ending support for 4.6.1 version)
  2. Improved diagnostics in case of crash when accessing a DB project.
  3. Crawling, added support for new Bing Desktop and Mobile user-agents. Legacy bingbot user agent are kept and marked with the "legacy" notation aside their friendly name.
  4. Page search and Snippets: page inner text and custom extraction included in "Inner Text" also the /html/head title. While this is technically correct, it does not meet user expectations. Now the "Inner Text" refers only to content potentially visible, within the /html/body.


  1. [Mac] URL Suggestions: fixed crash that was occurring in most instances when the report was launched with the UI language set to English.
  2. [Win] DOM Viewer, fixed crashing condition when the tool tried to highlight a text longer than 32000 characters. Now in such case the text is truncated and shown ending with " [...] " to fit the maximum size limit.
  3. Fixed crashing condition that might occur when a user closed the help window and the main program window almost at the same time.
  4. Performance suggestions: in some cases a non-blocking script could have been reported as blocking if placed before a HTML comment even if it was placed after the latest non-script tag (and thus it would be non-blocking).
  5. [Win] DOM Viewer: drawing of colored parts (attributes, attribute values, etc.) of element nodes is now more precise and pleasant to look at. They previously were often overlapping.
  6. [Win] DOM Viewer: text nodes and selected nodes representation did strip away characters "&" and ";" in HTML character entities, occasionally underscoring the character following the ampersand.
  7. Links Inspector: column name "CSS path" was not translated to other languages.
  8. Fixed crashing condition occurred in re-generating an histogram after a mouse-up event in a very corner case situation.
  9. Images Inspector and Page Links view: internal redundant white spaces were not stripped out.
  10. Images Inspector and Page Links view: in case of link wrapping an IMG tag, alt attribute was used, but was not stripped of redundant white spaces.
  11. Crawling: links found in the encoded form, like where not correctly recognized and discarded by the spider.
  12. [Win] Copyright notices updated to show year 2022.
  13. Choosing a project name containing the ';' column character caused the program to crash. Now it is treated as an invalid character.
  14. [Mac] Fixed crashing condition occurred when changing UI language in Data Extraction when at least a filter was populated.