Welcome to this Blog, SEO Software Arena.

I will talk about Visual SEO Studio, the new free SEO software soon to be published on this site, and about SEO in general.

Let's first spend a few words about the software product: it will be a desktop SEO software with all the features I wish I had found in other SEO tools. While not yet ready, it will be soon available for download as a beta release; feature will be added incrementally. You can get up-to-date information from the development status page.
It's time to end the stealth mode, so "Alea iacta est".

Today, which also happen to be my birthday, I launch the product web site (this site), and a SEO blog (this blog, you guessed right!).
I will not syndicate other people's content, there is enough noise already around the web. Every post will be 100% original content which I'll consider worth reading.
I already have a good bunch of articles planned, so expect this blog to enrich very soon.
It will be a good challenge keeping up with writing while there's so much coding to be done, all in my spare time, and I like challenges!

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts, at least as much as I will enjoy writing them.