Age and Prosperity of the Google Empire

Google Empire standardThere was once upon a time the great Google Search Empire. Stretching from text to video, maps and image searches, it dominated all the world that mattered, and prospered with a near-monopoly of search advertising.

The population perceived the Google Empire has the best result they could have. Before Google civilization imposed, they had to jump from link to link to reach their destination, but now they had straight fast roads to reach what they wanted. Everyone wanted to be a Google citizen.

Hoards of black hat SEOs kept pressing the borders of the Empire with raids in its SERP, and the Empire managed to push them back with a limited amount of Legionaries, efficiently repressing in a bloodshed easy to target black tactics such as hidden text and cloaking, and tolerating paid links and unnatural link profiles which, being expensive, somehow made the barbarians able to pay for it fit to top rank in their border Provinces.

Decline of the Google Empire

And then came a day when the Empire couldn't expand any further. Without new frontiers to conquer, it started exploiting day by day the limited space resources of the search results page.

 Google Empire ADs frontiers at the end of the XX century 
Google Empire ADs frontiers at the end of the XX century

 Google Empire ADs frontiers at the beginning of the XXI century 
Google Empire ADs frontiers at the beginning of the XXI century

And then came the day when the organic results fell below the fold for the majority of the citizens. They also no longer had free search results to trust, as millions of spam links now undermined the efficiency of what once was the pride of the Google Empire, its search graph algorithms.

Matteatius, The Last of the GooglersThe Google system was imploding, unable to support itself with renewable resources. Luxury and Wealth had weakened the valour of their Armies and the judgement of their Leaders.

When the Empire started to take serious action against the SERP Vandals, it was too late: enemies were outnumbering their web spam team with the sheer number of millions of paid links, forum spams, private networks... the heroic actions of the last defender in the battles of Panda and Penguin only managed to delay the unavoidable:

It was time for a new civilization to take the Lead.

(to be continued)