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Conclusion, and What's Next


Index View revamped

Folder nodes in the tree view now have properties too. Click on a directory node and you'll see a properties grid displaying size, number of files, number of folders and whatnot, and a pretty pie chart showing the size proportions:

Index View: folder properties window
Index View: folder properties window

We plan to enrich the view further with more break-down graphs. We put a lot of care to populate the directory data without slowing down data loading and user experience.

Find in content

Content tab view has now a long asked Find feature, with previous / next arrow buttons and shortcuts for CTRL+F, F3, SHIFT+F3:

Content window Find feature
Content window has now a Find feature

User of course can use CTRL+C to copy in the clipboard the selected text, this has been available since day one.

Custom Filters: query over page plain text

"Custom Filter", the powerful SEO-oriented query engine, has gained even more power: you can now query pages over inner-text content.

Custom Filters queryable property: page inner text
a new Custom Filters queryable property: page inner text

To make things clearer, an example:
Suppose you want to find pages containing the text "international seo". Yes, there's always the property "HTML Content" to do the job, but suppose your HTML looked like this:

<p>International <b>SEO</b></p>

Searching the whole HTML text wouldn't match the page. Here is where the new queryable property "Full page text" comes to rescue.

Search inner-text in Quick Find

Sometimes "Custom Filters" is a cannon to shoot a mosquito. For a simple search over a crawl session data, the "Find Pages" (available from all views) is a quicker option.
The option was there since time, disable. Now it's there, to stay:

Quick Find 'search in page text' now enabled
Quick Find "search in page text" now enabled

Searching within the HTML inner-text is slower, especially for large data sets, but fear not: usability itself were improved. The processing doesn't freeze user interface, you have a handy progress bar detailing the advancement state, and you can even stop it to refine search parameters.

"Page Links" window has a clearer user interface, leveraging the power of symbolic icons to instantly convey the meaning of boolean columns:

'nofollow' column, now you get the meaning at first sight
"nofollow" column, now you get the meaning at first sight

'external' links are evidenced with a de-facto standard icon
"external" links are evidenced with a de-facto standard icon

also the 'robots.txt' column meaning is now clearer
also the "robots.txt" columns is now clearer

Also the "robots.txt" column meaning is now clearer: the icon means the URL pointed by the link is blocked by a robots-txt

Not only the "Page Links" is now easier to understand at a glance, it also is much faster when rendering, thanks to some performance optimizations we did.

Conclusions, and what's next

This version is an intermediate release. There are so many things under active development and we decided to publish some. It mainly contains minor features, user experience improvements, and several bug fixes. For a complete list, see the Release Notes

We are working full steam toward version 1.0, planned within the end of the year. We continue to receive positive and encouraging feedback from the continually increasing user base, thank you everyone!

OK, enough talking now. Let's unleash the 'winter' spider!