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a. “aStonish” / "We":
aStonish Studio S.r.l. (including its representatives, employees, shareholders, officers, agents, distributors, subsidiaries and affiliates) is authorized by the Author to distribute and license the Software Visual SEO Studio to third parties;
b. “Software Product”:
the software Visual SEO Studio, collectively or individually, as provided in its two editions, “Community” and “Professional” (including its utilities, services and content, contained herein);
c. “Website”:
is referred to the website visual-seo.com (including its utilities, services and content, contained herein);

Use of this website

This website is dedicated to promote and market digital products we produce.

Content, logo, visual design and trademarks are our exclusive property. All the information you can find here is subject to copyright, and cannot be reproduced and/or translated and republished unless we explicitly authorize to do so. In case authorization is granted, attribution and link to the original source is required (and those alone to not exclude the requirement to get prior authorization).

Deep linking images from this website is not permitted, nor is permitted to expose our content in frames/iframes and similar technologies or in a way to make it look it is not from the original authors.
Linking to this website is instead welcome (when not meant to harm with so-called "negative SEO" techniques).

Content of this site is subject to changes at any time. We do not guarantee it to be correct and error-free, and cannot be considered liable of any loss or damage consequent to the visit to the website.
Pages of this website contain external links to other resources. Linking does not imply any endorsement or recommendation.

Exploration of the website content by means of automated agents (also called "bots", "spiders", "crawlers") is permitted only if executed with full respect of the "Robots Exclusion Protocol" standard in its most common extensions, in particular those extensions used in the robots.txt file of this website and in the meta directives of the website resources.
Automated agents must identify themselves correctly (no "agent-spoofing", i.e. dissimulate its identity), have published documentation on how to trace and contact their authors, respect limitation imposed to them by the REP directive and other mechanisms of the website without trying to bypass them. In particular it is not permitted massive automated request of the website resources without respecting the website ability to serve, causing its slow down, block (DOS, "Denial of Service") or making it artificially pass its bandwidth and costs of exercise limits.
Website content "scraping" (extracting data organizing it in other formats, usually a table) is not permitted without prior authorization.

For details about collected users' data and cookies, please consult the page Privacy and Cookies.

Terms of Sale


Official prices are detailed in the Pricing page. Total amount to be paid could vary depending on tax regulations to be applied depending on the type of customer and their country of residence.

We reserve the right to change prices at any time.

What is sold is not the digital product per-se, but a licence to use the software product. The licence is sold with a subscription model and is limited in time. Unless stated differently during the purchase process, product User accepts to renew the subscription with a recurring payment at the expiration date.
We reserve the right to refuse or cancel certain orders at our sole discretion.

Refund Policy

We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase. We do not provide refunds on purchases, however, we are happy to work with you in any way we can to find a fair solution for both sides on a situation-by-situation basis.


Product User can of course terminate the subscription. Please refer to the terms described in the End User Licence Agreement included and installed with the software product.

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