What Visual SEO Studio is

Discover what and who is behind the SEO Software, a story of passion and dedication that drove to the development of Visual SEO Studio.

About Visual SEO Studio

Visual SEO Studio is an SEO software, a Technical SEO Audit Tool. Federico started developing it during his spare time driven by passion for programming, search engine optimization, marketing, technology, research. Today there is a software company behind it, aStonish Studio srl.

A free version of the product is available for download (try it out!). We publish new releases on a monthly basis or less, prioritizing stability over features, and enabling new functionalities only when they are stable enough for prime time.

If you find the product interesting and want to follow its evolution, you can subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow the project on Twitter and Google+.

In the meanwhile, you can take a tour of the product, read the FAQs, or – if you can't find the information you need – you can drop us a few lines.

About the company, aStonish Studio srl

aStonish Studio srl is a new software house, founded on June 2015 to promote, distribute and commercialize the paid versions of Visual SEO Studio.
The SEO tool is today's flagship product we are focused on. We will not limit our portfolio to a single product though in the future, and will provide services to SMBs too.
Based in Genoa, Italy, we feel national boundaries are too tight and like to operate worldwide.

About Fred

A passionate software architect, worked many years at an important Italian software house. He had the fortune to “wear many hats” there, in-house SEO included, and got also passionated about search engine optimization. Fast forward a few years of moonlightning, all working on Visual SEO Studio, once the software user base had enough critical mass, he founded a software house on his own, aStonish Studio srl, chasing a life dream.
Here you can find something more about him.

About this site

Expect this site to evolve with the SEO product getting richer day by day of valuable contents, starting from a SEO knowledge base – also accessible from within the product itself – to a SEO dedicated blog with original content.

How to contact us

If you already are a Visual SEO Studio user and wish to make a suggestion, report a bug, or simply need some help using the product, the quickest way to contact us is from within the product itself, where you can find a form exactly for that:

Window 'send the author a message'
please remember to provide an e-mail address so we can reply you

For any other question, please do contact us using this form.

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