The beginning of the story

Page links tab in Visual SEO StudioI don't exactly know when it all started. May be it was after I read a few blog posts some days ago, or may be we just want to link something to a particular event while the idea was actually already dormant in my mind for some time... but I decided I wanted to attract That Person to read my blog page, and suddenly I knew how.

I started crafting a page title to be also used as anchor text; I added a subtitle carved as I was going to tell a story - I wanted to tell a story - and I was ready to launch the experiment.

Dissecting a title and the psychology behind it

What makes of a title a good link bait? Take this blog post for example, let's try dissecting together what happened.

What about the title attracted you most?

  • Was it the word "link"?
    If you are involved in link building, that could be an heads-up
  • Was it the word "Visitor"?
  • Was it the word "drove"?
    Both the cases above might rise your attention if you care about inbound marketing, SEO, SEM, Conversion Rate...
  • Was it the capitalization of the words "That" and "Visitor", creating a natural curiosity?
  • Or was it the way it all title words were crafted together?
  • Or were you attracted by the story-telling style subtitle / meta-description?

What we just outlined are all elements to be considered when targeting a title. That's were I started from when I wanted a pitch for That Person.

Who The important Person is

So, was it indeed the natural curiosity driving you here, after all?
If you read up to here, you need to be rewarded, so:

it's YOU!

No, I didn't trick you at all. Thinking that would imply something false. You are important, and I care you visiting this page.

Now, I hope to rightfully have boosted your ego, you deserve it. So do me a favor: take another link on this site, so that I can lower the bounce rate.

You have plenty of choices that might appeal you:

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And YOU, are YOU too planning something similar, now?