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See who is the person behind the SEO software Visual SEO Studio. Hey, I put my face on it!

Federico Sasso pictureHi all,
this is me, Federico Sasso.

Born in 1969 in Genova, Italy, I love traveling, sport, reading, culture, nature, sea, life... so many thing, which include programming and SEO.

I worked for many year as a software architect in an important Italian software house, wearing many hats, in-house SEO included.

Thanks to the large adoption of the software Visual SEO Studio by its user base, on June 2015 I've been able to found my own software house, aStonish Studio srl, chasing a life dream.

Visual SEO Studio will not be the first software product I mass-published entirely on my own (daily work apart, I mean):

  • I started at age 13 with a simple arcade game written in assembler I sent to a paper magazine... not a great success among my little friends, but my brother at the time complimented for the effort, and that was a huge satisfaction to me.
  • A simple freeware (un)utility, Pendulum - a pendulum clock emulator for Windows written in C++, back in mid nineties. It was appreciated.
  • A shareware text-to-speech program for Windows 3.1-95 written in C++. It took too long to develop (I had the idea since years), yet still was one of the first text-to-speech for the Italian language. Not a huge success, despite many downloads from tucows I just sold 7 license copies, and just because it was mildly protected by an expire period... but looking back it was a precious lesson: I never properly marketed it, never invested on it, never cared to update it, but some liked it, appreciated it, and actually used it daily, and some even payed for it.
  • A complete relational database engine written in JavaScript in 1999-2000 and released as open source, jsSQL. That was a success and featured also on a German PC magazine with CD included as one of the best JavaScript projects of the year. It was used by several people to build off-line databases, often CD catalogues, but also on-line apps.

My passion for SEO started much later. A few years ago, after years of experience as a web developer. I caught up quickly and never stopped learning day by day.

When not at work, not at the gym, and not at home with my she-cat, you can find me at the sea shore.

Connect with me via LinkedIn.

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