Last week in the beautiful resort city of Rimini on the Adriatic Sea, the Web Marketing Festival held its 4th edition for the year 2016. With 26 rooms, each dedicated to one specific subject, and more than 160 speeches, the Web Marketing Festival is one of the biggest event dedicated to digital marketing and business in Italy.

Web Marketing Festival 2016 logo

For the Visual SEO Team, this event was also special in another way: it was the first time the whole team would meet! We have been chatting and sharing using Internet, had smaller meetings, but never managed to be all together at the same time and place. The Web Marketing Festival was really a great opportunity for us to bond!

We drove from Genova to Rimini and had some time during the 5 hour journey to get to know each other better. Important fact: let's not forget "il Ramarrone", our lovely mascot, who was also part of the travel!

Once in Rimini, we all gathered around a drink along the promenade and enjoyed a bit the summer night. Because, as you may already know, going to a festival is quite an intense and busy experience! So you better be ready!

These 2 days were indeed filled with amazing meetings and conferences. We received lots of people interested in Visual SEO at our stand, newcomers but also users who already knew our software. And that's always wonderful to be able to share with our audience directly!

We also discovered with great pleasure that Visual SEO was cited in several conferences along with other tools to help marketers auditing websites. These kind of surprises really melt our heart, because it means that our wish, which is to help marketers in their everyday job, is getting fulfilled.

Talking about conferences, Federico Sasso, the man behind Visual SEO and CEO of the software house aStonish Studio, was also giving a lecture about Crawl Budget Optimization.

The Web Marketing Festival was also a moment of training for the Visual SEO Team. Here are some conferences that we attended and appreciated.

Federico obviously followed what was happening in the SEO room but was also interested in e-commerce and legal matters:

  • SEO Audit: contents, presentation and management of the process, by Paolo dello Vicario
  • The evolution of content according to Google official sources, Quality Rater guidelines, and more, by Mariachiara Marsella
  • The "SEO Sarcazzo" format, live, by Maurizio Ceravolo, Enrico Altavilla and Martino Mosna
  • Selling the made-in-Italy in Russia, by Caterina Horbatkova
  • Contests with prizes and Social Network: the rules of the game, by Luigi Martin

Luca, our graphic designer, followed mainly the UX & Web Design room with a detour by some Social Media Marketing tips:

  • Efficient Landing Page: how to get more conversions from the first visit, by Luca Orlandini
  • How to design and create an efficient website, by Enrico Ferretti
  • Typography Strategy: typographic choices as strategic assets for your digital project, by Giulia Laco
  • Snapchat: functionalities and use for business, case study and best practice, by Giuliano Ambrosio

As for me, Claire, I really picked here and there as my interests are quite various:

  • Planification & Strategy - Web strategy in non-linear contexts, by Alessandro Facco
  • Tool - Web Monkeys: tips and tricks to optimize monkey works and have some methods in work, by Francesca Sticca
  • International Speakers - Frameworks, tips and best practice examples how to get your search marketing homework done, by Andre Alpar
  • Innovation - Big Data and Digital Marketing: Analysis and anticipation of the customer journey through machine learning algorithms, by Riccardo di Nisio
  • SEO plan for restyling of e-commerce: checklist and best practice, by Filippo Sogus
  • Content Marketing & Digital PR - Contents are like MILF: what you can learn from Pornhub for your digital strategy, by Emanuela Ciuffoli
  • Content Marketing & Digital PR - Visual Storytelling as a key factor for a successful content marketing strategy, by Massimo Lico

We came back home with heads full of ideas and good memories! And we can't wait to be again in Rimini! The next appointments not to miss are:

And of course, the next edition of Web Marketing Festival in 2017! Il Ramarrone is ready !