How to Purchase a Licence

Great, you liked Visual SEO Studio and decided to purchase a software licence. Here is a short guide on how to do it.

To purchase a Visual SEO Studio licence you have to start from within the product itself.
Install the Community Edition and find the "Get the Professional Edition" help menu option:

'Get Professional Edition' menu item

From there, you'll be taken to an HTTPS secured area on our site, and guided through a purchase wizard:

Visual SEO Studio licence purchase wizard

As last step of the purchase wizard, you'll be able to purchase with Credit Card, PayPal, or Wire Transfer. You can check the pricing on the Pricing page.

Once the transaction has completed successfully, you will receive via e-mail an Activation Code.

Fire the "Enter Activation Code..." command in Visual SEO Studio...

Enter Activation Code menu entry

...and insert the Activation Code in the following window:

Enter Activation Code window

Once you completed this step, your Visual SEO Studio installation will turn into the Professional Edition. Enjoy!

P.S.: You will also receive a second e-mail with the invoice for your purchase. Keep both e-mails, you can never know.

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