Intro video: understanding projects

In this tutorial page with video you will get an immediate understanding of projects and sessions, to better organize your SEO work.

Welcome to this Visual SEO Studio tutorial!

In this video you will learn what Visual SEO Studio projects are and how they work.

What is a project, in Visual SEO Studio?
It is the database where website scans, the "crawl sessions", are stored.

Within a project, you can save as many crawl sessions as you want.

You can organize your projects as you wish. For example:

  • you can use a project to hold scans take at different times for the same website.
  • or, you can group together the scans of the websites belonging to the same customer.
  • or any other way to organize that best fits your needs.

The first time you launch Visual SEO Studio, the program will create a new project for you using a default name.
You will be able to change it at pleasure.

You can create a new project by using the main menu command, from the Start Page, or from the Command Pad.

In the same way, you can open a pre-existing project.

From the Start Page, you can also rename or delete a project, unless it's the loaded one.
If you try to delete a project containing one or more crawl sessions, you will be prompted to confirm.

With practice, you will find Visual SEO Studio projects an extremely useful tool.


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