Intro video: Crawl Sessions

In this tutorial page with video, you will learn how to manage with Visual SEO Studio website exploration data, the Crawl Sessions.

Welcome to this Visual SEO Studio tutorial!

In this video you will see how to manage website exploration data with Visual SEO Studio.

In the projects tutorial, we have seen that a project can contain more crawl sessions, or site scans.

When e project contains a single crawl session, the left-hand Command Pad panel is an immediate way to launch a view, an analysis, or a report, over the explored data.

If there are more crawl sessions, you'll have to indicate which one to use.
It's not a big deal if you do it once or twice, but often you'll want to launch several inspections over the same crawl data.

The solution is using "Session Management", which permits to manage all crawl sessions within the loaded project.

By selecting a crawl session in the table, thanks to the toolbar above, you will be able to inspect it with various tools.
The same commands, you will be able to access via context menu.

"Manage Session" also enables you to rename, or to delete a crawl session.

Particularly useful is the "Crawl-again" command:
It permits you to repeat a site crawl replicating the same scan parameters used in the original scan.
Things like crawl depth, maximum number of pages, or crawl speed.

You can view the crawl parameters used for each exploration, with the side panel, "Session".

As you can see, Manage Session is a quick-access to your audit-data.


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