Intro video: Verified Websites

In this tutorial page with video, you will learn what Verified Websites are in Visual SEO Studio, and how to configure them.

Welcome to this Visual SEO Studio tutorial!

This video explains the Verified Websites in Visual SEO Studio.

Some crawl options are normally limited, or disabled.
Overloading a web server, ignoring restrictions set by webmasters, and other violations of the Robots Exclusion Protocol could lead webmasters to block the spider, preventing you to perform the analysis.

Of course on your own sites you can do whatever you want. Visual SEO Studio permits you to verify the addresses of the websites you administer.

In this example I'm showing how you can verify your sites using your Google Search Console account.

Clicking on the "Get Google Authorization Code" link a default browser window will open with the Google authentication page.
Depending on the cases, the process may take more steps.
The authorization process is completely separated from Visual SEO Studio, to guarantee your data protection.
Once you granted the authorization, copy the code supplied by Google in the proper field, and click on "Update list".

Visual SEO Studio will retrieve the addresses of the administered websites; for security reasons it will remember them for one month.

On verified websites you can set a faster exploration speed, ignore robots.txt file restrictions, use a different user-agent name, and so on.

At the expiry, reconfirming them will be even quicker.
We recommend keeping the verified sites list always updated.

Please consult the tutorial page Managing the Verified Sites list for other verification methods, and for further details.


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