Frequently Asked Questions

Got any question about Visual SEO Studio? See if this list can satisfy your curiosity.

Is Visual SEO Studio a Free product?

Visual SEO Studio comes in two flavours:

  • Community Edition
    It's Free. Free as in "free beer". No charge. Gratis. No matter whether you use it for personal or professional use. Enjoy it.

  • Professional Edition
    You can get the paid version by installing the Community Edition and selecting the "Get the Professional Edition" menu option to purchase a licence.
    You can evaluate it for free for 15 days by registering the Trial version.

Does Visual SEO Studio "Community Edition", as a Free product, have limitations?

Yes. You can find more on the Editions comparison page.
The Free version will always be worth using for non-professional (and often, even professional) use.

How can I evaluate the 15-day Trial version?

Easy: you download the Community Edition, and when you launch it the first time you'll be prompted with a window offering you to register for the Trial. In case you closed it, you can always invoke it from the Help menu, with the "Register the Professional Edition trial" option.
All it takes is using your e-mail address; you will receive an Activation Code to insert at the end of the registration. As soon as you complete the registration, the installed product will switch to the Professional Edition for a period of 15 days: no limitations and all the features enabled.
The Trial evaluation period is available only once.
Please see the page How to activate the 15-day Trial version for further details.

How can I purchase the Professional Edition license?

This is detailed in the page How to Purchase a Licence.
Available payments methods are: Credit Card, PayPal, and Wire Transfer.
See also the page Pricing.

How much does a Visual SEO Studio license cost?

Please check our Pricing page. Final price may slightly vary depending on the taxation applied.
VAT applies to B2C customers in the European Union and Italian B2B customers, at the rate in force in the client's country of residence. For all other cases will only be applied a 2€ stamp duty.

Can I have a discount if I purchase more licenses?

Yes. Please contact us for details.

Can I use a Visual SEO Studio license on more PCs?

No. Visual SEO Studio license model is "per-seat", a license is valid only on a single PC.
It is bound to the specific PC "hardware signature" so cannot even work on another machine.

Can I move my paid license to another PC?

Yes, just contact us and it could be solved in a matter of minutes.
You'll be asked:

  • to demonstrate you are the actual license holder or authorized by them (you might find it weird, but we have to verify it and it is not always immediate as the contacter might be a different person, using a different e-mail address, etc..)
  • possibly the original license serial number (a.k.a. activation code). That would speed up the process, but if you don't find it we will be able to find it.
  • the "Hardware signature" of the new PC you want to move the paid license to. You can copy-and-paste it from within Visual SEO Studio (Help menu, "About..." window).

Product started in Community mode, my activation code doesn't work any longer

If the license is still valid (check if it has not expired!) it is possible that the hardware signature of your PC has changed because of a recent configuration change. It could be you changed your hard disk, renamed the PC, or similar changes. Some major Win10 upgrades have also been reported to change the hardware signature.
If that's your case, please contact us. We will move the license to the new configuration.

How to contact you for license issues?

The simplest way is by using the built-in "Send us a message" feature accessible from within Visual SEO Studio (Help menu, option "Send us a message") so we will automatically also know your current hardware signature.
Please don't forget to supply an e-mail: if your configuration has changed we might not be able to deduct the license holder. Alternatively, please provide all details to identify you and explain your case.

Window 'send the author a message'
please remember to provide an e-mail address so we can reply you

We will reply you via e-mail as soon as possible.

Can I report bugs and make features requests? How?

Of course! Bugs reports and feature requests will always be welcome.

Visual SEO Studio has an automated crash reporting system to handle unexpected run-time exceptions.
We strongly encourage adding indication on how to replicate the issue, as what automatically gathered only helps us understand the point in the program code where the crash occurred, not its root cause. For example, if the crash occurred while analyzing a web page, we have no indication about its URL. If you think it's relevant to locate the root cause and you can, please specify it.

Users can also manually report other types of bugs, or make implementation requests. The quickest way is by using the window provided within the program itself (see help menu, "Send the author a message..."), or this site contact form.

Do you plan a Mac version? And a Linux version?

A Mac version is currently under work.
At this stage, we do not feel to make promises about the release date.
A Linux version would be a byproduct of the port to Mac; at the moment we do not plan a commercial Linux release, it will depend on the market request.

What is the company behind Visual SEO Studio?

Following the large adoption of the software Visual SEO Studio by its user base, on June 2015 we founded aStonish Studio srl, a software house dedicated to develop, distribute, market and support the SEO tool.