Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida in a scene of Come September, 1961After two exact months after this site launch, I'm often asked when there will be a downloadable version of Visual SEO Studio.
Rest assured: "Coming soon" is not just a slogan. For those of you sharing a passion for old movies, the picture aside gives an hint of the possible first release date of a public Beta version. 

I currently am on holiday, and I had a great time during the last ten days working long hours on the software, then going to the sea on my lovely home town from mid-afternoon till sunset, going out the evenings and then spending some night hours more on the product.

I made giant steps on much of the missing infrastructure: solid MSI installer, software updates notification, load projects at run-time, sanity checks on projects files to be loaded, recognizing incompatible/old file formats...
Even though there are still some missing elements I'd want to have on a public Beta, e.g. automatic crash notification, I feel confident I'll be able to push the Beta after just a few days of work. 

Next week I'll be in London for a short vacation of tourism, and take a break from the PC (well, I might just check e-mails)... 

...then any day from the second half of September could be the day!