A silly image playing with the word 'organic'Google announced it will drop Organic Search Results from the SERP within a month.
"We did our math, and have seen that practically all revenues come from AdWords and none from organic",
said Google spoke-person Sergey Breen.

Google has quite an history in firing dead projects not generating revenues, so the move was somewhat expected, yet it's going to change the way the company itself is known and perceived by the general public.

"Users will appreciate the choice eventually. For once, we will get search results rid of all those spammy SEO stuff; only pertinent results will appear."

This is not the only change in the search giant structure: the entire Web Spam Team, now useless, has already been dismantled and its members fired.

The - now former - head of the team Matt Catts, reached at the telephone, stated:
"I'm flabbergasted. After so much work and dedication forcing webmasters to buy PPC services, I'm fired!".

When asked what will he do now, he hesitated:
"I really don't know, I burned far too many ships in the Search world. For the immediate period, I think I'll start a new 30-day challenge: 30 days without eating".

Observers are already debating how huge the impact the decision will have on the entire search industry.

Columnist Barry Schwantz said:
"If Google will remove organic search results from the SERP, genetically modified results will appear."

Search expert Rand Fishskin commented:
"There is no precedent in history. My skilled mathematicians already informed me that, having Google 80% of the organic market share worldwide, around 80% of the market will collapse and there will be only 20% of the searchers left. Luckily enough we already moved away from SEO and went into Inbound Marketing. By the time users will realize what this means we could even raise some more funds, than sell our customers psychological support and DIY self-confidence packages. In times of crisis there always is opportunity".

Meanwhile mobs are gathering in India, where a mysterious new wave of unemployment surged.