Yes, Visual SEO Studio is still in its free beta period, and I'm not in a hurry to end it. This means anyone can join the thousands who downloaded it, install it with no registration required, and use the unlimited features of the Professional version.

I'm not going to bore you with too many numbers, so I created an infographic using PixCone, to give you a rough idea of the increased adoption of the SEO tool:

Visual SEO Studio User Countries and Languages
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Having a large user base permits to have it used in so many scenarios it could be impossible to reproduce entirely during the internal tests. And also permits having the precious feedback of many skilled SEO professionals from all over the world whose comments and suggestions are invaluable.

Giving a professional tool for free, and personally answering all the requests/suggestions/critics also had an unexpected positive effect: people started offering help. Today spare time is the most valuable thing one could offer, and I'm so grateful to all the ones who spent their time to contact me.

Some users offered help with the translations. The first effect has been being able to release a German version, and other translations will come soon, along with new features and improvements.

To all of you, dear Users, thank you for your interest and support!