This is probably the richest Italian web site you could find, a real "cash cow", and yet...

The silliest error message on the Web often sports an unfriendly error page, inviting to "contact the site administrator".

What? Should I contact who?

Not only you failed providing basic contact information, but...

It's 2012 in case you missed it, Web Development has evolved quite a lot since the nineties. There's no one I'm supposed to contact. Your site is experiencing a failure, your site is supposed to contact the site administrator with an automated e-mail/sms-text/whatever-you-want.

What I am supposed to see (if you really can't avoid keeping on with server side failures) is:

  • an user friendly web page
  • keeping the layout and navigation controls of the rest of the site,
  • informing me there has been a problem on the server
  • but reassuring me it has been automatically notified to the proper personnel
  • who will take care of it as soon as possible
  • and they actually will do it
  • so that it's not going to occur again so easily

And by the way, "HTTP 200 OK" is not the proper status code to use ("HTTP 500 Internal server error" is)... unless you want Google to remind everyone your (server) failure.

P.S. I know the text is a pre-packed error message provided by the web platform used to build the site, but that's not the point. The web site owners have plenty of resources to make user experience better. No excuses.