Visual SEO Studio 1.0 Two Editions: Community and Professional
New feature: Performance Suggestions
New tools: Histogram, Page images and Assets
What's next


I don't know how to describe the way I feel. I started coding the SEO spider in 2010 as a spare time project, and published the first public betas in 2012. Three years and many thousands of users more later I resigned my daily job, founded a software company chasing a life dream, and started working full time on the flagship product. Today I'm delighted to say “Welcome, 1.0”

Two Editions: Community and Professional

Now Visual SEO Studio is coming in two flavours:

  • Community Edition
    Completely free of charge, even for commercial use. It has some limitation in the features you can use.
  • Professional Edition (Beta)
    It enters its own beta phase for a few months, and is thus – surprise! – free of charge as well. No limitations here.

The setup file is only one. Once installed, the software starts in Community mode; you can upgrade anytime from “Community” to “Professional (Beta)” just registering with a valid e-mail address.

Registration form - Visual SEO Studio
Registration form

You'll receive an Activation Code to unlock the Pro features and be granted a temporary license.

To know more: Editions comparison

New feature: Performance Suggestions

A whole new feature dedicated to page speed analysis. Page speed is increasingly important for your site and we wanted to offer you a unique tool.

There are several good tools out there to test page speed issues; yet Visual SEO Studio is the only one able to perform a complete analysis over your entire pages set.

Performance suggestions summary
Performance suggestions

We already are receiving precious feedback from the users who beta tested it, and will improve it further. It already helped us pinpoint potential issues on sites we follow, which would have been very hard spotting with other means.

To know more: Performance suggestions

With the new “Performance suggestions” we introduced bottom and right pane detail windows also in the “Site Analysis” reports. They provide a lot of precious information with just one click, and we plan to add them also on the other reports as well in the very near future.

Another innovation it brings, the ability to interrupt a long processing and see the partial results. Again, expect to see this novelty also elsewhere soon.

New tools: Histogram, Page images and Assets

A new bottom pane tool we ourselves are impressed how valuable is, it “Histogram”. It provides a holistic view on how each of the measured values are distributed across all pages. It conveys very well the rough idea of how serious or widespread an issue might be.

Histogram view
Histogram view. You can zoom it at pleasure.

Histogram view is used at the moment only with the Performance Suggestions reports. We will very soon add it to HTML and URL suggestions reports.

Performance Suggestions analysis also inspects page images and assets (js and CSS files), so we added dedicated views “Page images” and “Page JS/CSS files” to permit inspecting them for each reported page.

Page Images - Visual SEO Studio
Page Image

Page Assets - Visual SEO Studio
Page JS/CSS files

“Page images” and “Page JS/CSS files” are also available for all other views (crawl view, directory view, table view, and real-time crawling).

They both permit to locate the HTML items in Content and DOM view, to report whether the linked resources are blocked by robots.txt directives, show such directive, and visualize them within the robots.txt file content.

Future versions of Visual SEO Studio will highly improve the their ability to inspect all page images and assets, so expect those tool to further improve in the future.

What's next

Visual SEO Studio version 1.0 is a major milestone in the history of the SEO tool (for the complete boring changes list, see the Release Notes). It also represents a new starting point.

The registration process is a first step toward the support of a fully paid version, planned for April 2016.

There will always be a free version of the software, named “Community Edition”, and we also plan to continue permitting a trial period of the full Professional Edition even after the official release of the paid version.

We are surprised by the number of users already wanting to purchase a Pro license; hold on, there's time to pay, in the meanwhile...

...don't waste time, download 1.0 and register for the Professional Beta, it's Free!