How to Check Outbound Links

Auditing the links in your pages pointing to external sites is a common SEO task. Let's see how Visual SEO Studio makes the task straightforward.

What are outbound links?

Outbound links are links in your website pages pointing to external resources.

Why should I check outbound links?

There are many reasons why you may be auditing your site outbound links:

  • check whether the destination pages are alive and still have the same content
  • check whether they have the rel="nofollow" attribute, and whether you repute they should or not have it
  • check whether they have the target="_blank" attribute to open then in another browser tab
  • check whether they have the rel="noopener noreferrer" attribute to avoid vulnerability issues when using the target="_blank" attribute

How to find external links in my website?

With Visual SEO Studio you can easily inspect external links in a short time.
Once you have had your site crawled, simply:

  1. launch Links Inspector;
  2. ensure your site Domain Name and the matching option "Exclude domain" are selected;

    Settings to find outbound links in Links Inspector

  3. click on the "Find links" button
  4. and voilà!

List of external links in Visual SEO Studio
List of external links in Visual SEO Studio

You now have a full list of all outbound links detected on your website.
The data is a gold mine. You can visualize many important link properties, sort them as you please, filter them, integrate them with search analytics data, and export them.

Check the Links Inspector page, you'll learn it can do much more than that: it's a complete backlink checker and site links auditor.

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