Google "HTML improvements" vs Visual SEO "HTML Suggestions"

Google recently announced they are going to phase out one of its historical Google Search Console features: "HTML improvements" (formerly "HTML suggestions", back at the time when GSC was called "Google Webmaster Tools").

Let's be honest: GSC has never been too good providing insights on duplicate or missing titles and meta descriptions. Those reports were always late to update, incomplete, and gave little insights. That's why since day one we equipped Visual SEO Studio with HTML Suggestions, the most complete tool to report issues with webpage titles, meta descriptions and H1 tags.

You crawl your site with Visual SEO Studio spider and can launch "HTML suggestions", a set of 18 blazing fast reports. They will reflect your site up-to-date snapshot.

HTML Suggestions summary page
HTML Suggestions summary page (click to enlarge)

This is probably the feature our users appreciate and use most. It has fully customizable criteria, and clever defaults. It is also able (the absolute first SEO tool to do it) to report truncated page titles and descriptions calculating their pixel width with spot-on precision, and shows a useful snippet preview.

Google "Blocked resources" vs Visual SEO "Non-crawled items"

Another feature they are going to drop is "Blocked resources". Again, worry not:
Long before GSC added such feature, Visual SEO Studio was able to list the "Non-crawled items". Not only it indicates - among other things - the resources blocked by robots.txt file; it can also show you exactly which line within the robots.txt file is responsible for the blockage.

robots.txt blocking directive in 'Non-crawled items' - Visual SEO Studio
robots.txt blocking directive in "Non-crawled items"

Why bothering too much about GSC phasing its report out? You have your SEO tool showing you the complete, up-to-date list of blocked resources, and much more!

The new Search Console

Overall we find the new Google Search Console a nice improvement. Many features have been improved and enriched, and it will not take long getting used to the new user interface. A support page can help you find old friends under new names.

At the moment it's not clear what changes to expect to the Webmaster Tools API. We expect the API to catch up much later, following a sad tradition.

Now, don't waste more time: launch Visual SEO Studio and uncover all possible issues with your titles and descriptions!