HTML Suggestions

Overcome the limitation of Search Console 'HTML improvements', Visual SEO Studio gives you a fully detailed snapshot of all your title and meta-description tags issues.

Freely inspired to Google Search Console "HTML improvements" (now dropped), it overcomes its limits providing a richer, more up-to-date, detailed and usable view of a site possible weak points in terms of html title and meta-description tags.

HTML Suggestions summary page
HTML Suggestions summary page (click to enlarge)

Reports provided:

  • Pages missing title tag
  • Duplicate title tags
  • Pages missing meta description tag
  • Duplicate meta description tags
  • Pages with multiple H1 tags
  • Pages missing H1 text
  • Duplicate first H1 text
  • Truncated Titles (measured in pixels [1])
  • Truncated meta descriptions (measured in pixels)
  • Short title tags (in chars)
  • Long title tags (in chars)
  • Short meta description tags
  • Long meta description tags
  • Non-informative title tags
  • Titles longer than 12 words (unique feature! [2])

Many of the thresholds are configurable, and SERP snippet previews are shown to illustrate the warnings.

See also:

[1] Many SEO tools provide characters length as the method to find truncated titles, however that's not the way it works: title length is measured in pixels; it depends on the used font and the way it is rendered by the user agent, so it can vary also depending on the operating system, the browser and its version.
The preview Visual SEO Studio shows is an approximation independent by user's browser; measure might vary of a pixel of two, but being the truncation performed preserving the single words, sometimes the preview emulation can appear different than what seen in the SERP).
Pixel based length is a fact known by many since time, but the first to publicly write about it has probably been Darren Slatten; for sure he is the one who tested and experimented with it most.

[2] Apparently Google indexes as part of the title only the first 12 words found in the title tag, and the remaining part as normal text.
For an in-depth analysis please read Continuare a smontare Google: un’altra scoperta SEO (in Italian) by Enrico Altavilla, who to the best of my knowledge has to be credited for discovering the 12-words limit, an also How Title tag reverse engineering led me to a new discovery by Giuseppe Pastore, who further investigated the issue.