Crowd at New York's American Union Bank during a bank run early in the Great DepressionWhen one needs some masonry work done, he knows he needs a mason, and how to look for one.
The mason on his part will not need to explain what masonry is, and it usually is obvious to know when a job is done and can be payed.

But there are classes of workers for whom things are not that immediate. Yes, they sometimes can earn much more than a mason, but have to devote a big part of their time away from their work field to capture customers.

Among these workers, Financial Advisors and SEO consultants share a big deal of other contact points.

SEO consultants are like Financial Advisors:

  • They cannot guarantee their customers a result
  • ...but sometimes they do
  • Before acquiring a customer, they have to spend time just to explain what they are talking about
  • They don't know exactly what they are talking about,
  • ...but no one does completely
  • No SEO investment is 100% risk free
  • ...but some certainly are high risk
  • High risk activities can bring high reward in the short run
  • ...or can make you lose all your assets
  • They tell customers they should diversify their SEO investments
  • Their interest is not completely their customers' interest
  • Their potential customers are diffident and never know for sure they can trust them
  • They love citing the authorities of the moment when meeting each other
  • When they try to model the system, they stubbornly use a Gaussian bell and correlation data
  • When they try experimenting, they cannot work with an insulated environment
  • The ones who succeed the most, are probably not the most visible
  • When they take great risk and are rewarded, they can never know whether they are good or just lucky
  • They experience their Black Tuesdays (named after cute monochrome animals)


Being an SEO consultants is not easy; potential customers do not understand completely the business and instinctively do not trust you; you have to first sell SEO, than sell your services against your competitors'.
Your advice might be correct now, but not tomorrow, and you can be blamed by the customer.
A customer can be an happy customer, until he is slapped by a black and white cute animal, and you are going to be blamed...

All these aspects are well known by financial advisors, who exists well before since search engine ever existed. I think the SEO industry could learn a lot by studying how the financial advisors world organized to face such problems.

And you, dear SEO consultant, how do you deal with such aspects?

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