Traffic data from Bing

Bing is a significant player for those who work with US. Combined with Yahoo, they amount to about 12% of US search market (August 2018).

Tabular View with data columns from Bing
Tabular View with data columns from Bing

You can now add to your Visual SEO Studio tables "Page traffic" data from Bing Webmaster tools: Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Avg. Impression Position and Avg. Click Position, the same way you already do with "Search Analytics" data from Google Search Console.

Where the feature is available, you'll see a new menu item in the grid upper-left context menu:

Adding Bing Page Traffic data in Visual SEO Studio grids
Adding Bing Page Traffic data in Visual SEO Studio grids

An easy-to-spot mini button in Tabular View saves one click:

Add Bing/Yahoo Page Traffic data shortcuts in Tabular View
"Add Bing/Yahoo Page Traffic data" mini-button in Tabular View

You can find similar shortcuts in other places as well.

Clicking on the new command you'll be shown a configuration window:

Page Traffic settings
Page Traffic settings

to let you select all Page Traffic filtering options as you are used in the Google Webmaster tools dashboard.

To know more about the new feature, see the page BWT API Integration.

Conclusions, and what’s next

There is much more in this release: Usability and UX improvements, performance improvements, and bug fixes.
For the full list, please read the Release Notes.

On other fronts, we are working full steam on two/three major project... don't tell anyone!

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