Understanding colors used for URLs

Within session views Visual SEO Studio often uses colors to evidence special cases. But what those colors do really mean? Learn it here.

The program gives visual evidence to certain conditions of a page by colorizing the URL with a well visible color.
The easiest way to understand what the issue is about is checking the color legend:

Video: how to visualize the color legend

By clicking on the Legend link, the legend will pop-up:

The colors and symbols legend
The colors and symbols legend

Here follows an explanation of all legend entries:

The color legend explained
robots.txtFile robots.txt is shown with a dedicated symbol.
HTML pageDefault representation of HTML pages, with neutral color.
WarningA "Warning" in Visual SEO Studio is not necessarily an error. It is something you should look at and see if it is intentional.
A typical case of usage is for redirected URLs. Often they indicate a link to be updated.
You will find the same entries grouped in the "HTTP issues" bottom panel.
ErrorIn session views they normally indicate a 4xx or 5xx HTTP Status Code, or a protocol error.
You will find the same entries grouped in the "HTTP issues" bottom panel.
Non-canonical URLWhen a page node/row is represented in green, it means its URL is canonicalized, i.e. the page has a canonical link tag pointing to a URL differing from the crawled URL.
It means the page URL will not be indexed (and the URL pointed by the canonical tag should be indexed instead).
A non-canonical URL is not an error condition, but since it is so common to see URL canonicalization messed up, it's better to let the user spot them at first sight.
Note: the feature URL Suggestions gives you a complete toolset to diagnose URL canonicalization issues.
Noindex pageNoindex pages are marked as "noindex" with a robots meta tag, or with the equivalent X-Robots-Tag HTTP header.
A "noindex" page will not show up in search engine SERPs.
Non-crawled itemWhen the spider detects URLs but does not crawl them for some reason (for example because they are blocked by robots.txt file), it shows their URL in gray.
You will find the same entries grouped in the "Non crawled items" bottom panel.

Soon you will get used to the conventions and will not need often to consult this page, but rest assured, the Legend is always there at the distance of a click!

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