URL Suggestions

No other SEO software gives you a full site auditing of your url issues the way Visual SEO Studio does.

A detailed view of all the possible URL issues normally ignored by other SEO auditing tools, makes Visual SEO Studio a precious ally.

Url suggestion - Visual SEO StudioInformation provided:

  • URL too long
  • URL too deep
  • Paths and file names with encoded characters
  • Upper-Case file names
  • Too many query parameters
  • Canonical link issues (unique feature, invaluable!)
  • Case sensitivity issues in URLs
  • Too many tokens (unique feature! [1])
  • ...and much more...

Keep in mind that fixing URL issues of valuable web pages already indexed by the major search engine and with existing inbound links should be handled with care in order not to lose the acquired PR, rank and inbound link juice.

[1] There is evidence that only up to 16 words are taken into account in a link anchor text (source updated on April 2013). What has it to do with URLs? Turns out anchor texts are often made by full URLs, which are tokenized in single words up to the above mentioned limit (sources - in German - are dated 2009, and based on an old version of the previously cited article which detected the limit as 8 words, now superseded with the 16 words value).
The takeaway is supposed to be: if you want to squeeze the most of your URL in terms of anchor text juice, keep it within the first 16 tokens.

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