“GA Suggestions” renewed
Code name explained
Conclusions, and what’s next
Update: rel. 2.3.1
Update: rel. 2.3.2


The new 2.3 version of Visual SEO Studio – code named covid-free* is out.

“GA Suggestions” renewed

It revamps the already appreciated GA Suggestions feature – which saves tons of time by automating the detection of Google Analytics setup issues with checks that would normally be highly time consuming – enriching it with five additional reports.

A website with multiple GA tracking issues
A website with multiple GA tracking issues

It now can distinguish all historical Google Analytics setup scripts and highlight the pages using them. Not only that, it renews the reports/tests name notation to make it clearer each report what is referring to.
It also adds two reports to list all pages which do have GA and GTM scripts installed (previously it only reported the ones without the tracking script).

A website with  no GA tracking issues
A website with no GA tracking issues

Orientating among all the historical scripts can be confusing, so don’t forget there is a precious ally: the Integrated Help, which highlights the related documentation section when you select a report tab.
The Help gives you an insight of the issue, its severity, and explains how you can solve it.

The Integrated Help to the rescue!
The Integrated Help to the rescue!

There are several Usability and UX improvements in GA Suggestions, thanks to the feedback our users provided. More often than not, you will not notice them, which is good: it’s easier to spot the problem when it’s there, not when it’s fixed.

Note: GA Suggestions is only available on the Professional Edition; if you didn’t do it before you can try it for free by registering the 15-day Free Trial.

* Code name explained

We don’t usually explain release code names. They often are internal jokes (occasionally users write us to tell they got them and share the laugh), or puns, or loose references to a new feature.

This time is different. This release represents to us in aStonish Studio srl (the company behind Visual SEO Studio) a “back to normal” moment, with joy and relief:
Our Federico/Fred after an ordeal of almost a month fighting Covid, is now at home, negative, and feels much better.

Please stay safe.

Conclusions, and what’s next

The release also introduces minor improvements and bug fixes. For a full list of the changes, read the 2.3 Release Notes.

Several new features are on the processing line for 2021, we are sure you will appreciate them.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. For this reason, we decided to have our own “Cyber Xmas” with a discount promotion for new users:
Use the discount coupon XMAS20 before the 25 December 2020, and get 33% off a one-year Professional Edition license of Visual SEO Studio!

It’s high time to audit your (or your clients’) Analytics setups, launch Visual SEO Studio 2.3!

Update: Visual SEO Studio 2.3.1 published on January 27, 2021

This maintenance release adds export functions to Excel/CSV also to two-level tree views.

Export to Excel/CSV available for 2-level trees
Export functions to Excel/CSV also available for 2-level trees

It also improves Usability and UX and fixes several bugs.
For a full list of the changes, read the 2.3.1 Release Notes.

Update: Visual SEO Studio 2.3.2 published on March 4, 2021

This bug fix release mostly targets bugs and Usability/UX issues in the macOS version, and also fix some bugs in the common code base for both the Mac and Windows version.
For a full list of the changes, read the 2.3.2 Release Notes.

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