GA Suggestions: find Analytics issues

Troubleshoot the most common Google Analytics® tracking code setup issues in no time with Visual SEO Studio fully automated test suite.

A fully automated test suite - unique in Visual SEO Studio - makes you spot all most common Google Analytics® tracking code setup issues without effort, saving you tons of precious hours of work.

Visual SEO Studio GA suggestions can detect the most common Google Analytics tracking code setup issues
GA Suggestions reports suite (click to enlarge)

Information provided:

  • All detected UA- tracking codes
  • Pages Missing GA tracking code
  • Pages with repeated tracking code
  • Pages with multiple tracking codes
  • Pages with old tracking script
  • GTM script detection
  • All detected GTM tagging codes
  • ...and more!

Analytics tracking code issues are more common than expected, and can completely screw analytic reporting data one normally bases strategic decisions upon.
A few examples:

  • When some pages do not have the tracking code, not only you are missing important information about your users' behavior, your Analytics reports could show more visits than you actually have
  • A repeated tracking code within the same page is another common issue: your Analytics account would erroneously report a close to zero Bounce Rate hiding strategic information. A Bounce Rate lower than 20-40% is not normally possible, if it is reported as 4% or lower what probably happens is you are invoking the code twice and all your data is screwed!
  • Pages with multiple UA- codes suggest a migration were the previous tracking code was not cleaned up properly
  • If your pages are reported to use old tracking scripts - if they still work - it means you are missing a good bunch of powerful free reporting features that could give you a competitive advantage, and if they are using a synchronous script are a great opportunity to speed up pages load time

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • First, only the crawled pages can are examined; private sections are not crawled and cannot be inspected; also a few pages might exceed the maximum download length and be truncated, if the tracking code was in the truncated part, they might be reported as missing the code.
  • Second, false positives are possible: since the whole page HTML is inspected, a page talking about Analytics code might be reported as having multiple tracking code. Inspecting scripts content only is of course possible, but would always impose a performance overhead for a very uncommon case.
    GA suggestions are meant as suggestions of possible problems, so always double check.
  • The tool reports when neither GA nor GTM codes are detected, assuming no other third party tracking and tagging systems were used (other might appear in the future in dedicated reports).
  • The tool reports when both GA and GTM codes are detected, assuming that in case of GTM usage GA tracking would be installed within GTM, but could not be the case (at the moment the software cannot parse and execute scripts).
    Again, please double check!

"GA Suggestions" is available only in the Professional Edition. You can evaluate it for free for 15 days by registering the Trial version.

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