Visual SEO Studio for Mac

Learn about the progress made porting the web site analyzer to the Apple Mac platform

Since the very first day Visual SEO Studio was out on the market, we have been asked whether there was a Mac version available.

A public beta of the Mac version is available for download!
We encourage you to download, install and try it, and report any issues you might find.

While you cannot purchase the Mac product yet, you can register for the Trial evaluation period and have a full taste of the Professional Edition for free.
Our Trial period is normally 15-days, but for the Mac version we plan to temporarily extend it to up to 60 days; once the official release will be published, all installed Trials older than 15-days will automatically revert back to the limited Community Edition.

We prefer not giving an official release date, but we plan to market the Mac version on May 2019.

You can see here some screenshots to get an idea of how it looks.

Visual SEO Studio on Mac, Crawling
Visual SEO Studio on Mac, Crawling (click to enlarge)

Visual SEO Studio on Mac, HTML Suggestions
Visual SEO Studio on Mac, HTML Suggestions (click to enlarge)

The product "porting" is improving dayly, we are very excited and looking forward to bring it to you!