Third Party API Integrations

Visual SEO Studio can integrate data supplied by third parties via their Application Programming Interfaces. You need an API key granted by the supplier to use it.

Visual SEO Studio permits adding third party metrics anywhere it makes sense: be it the Tabular View with the list of crawled pages, or a subset of it (obtained from Custom Filters or any of the Suggestions reports), the list of snippets in Data Extraction, the list of contents in Readability Analysis, the list of links in Links Inspector, or the list of IMG tags in Images Inspector.

  • Integrated with Google Search Console

Search Analytics columns in Tabular View
Search Analytics columns in Tabular View

The tool is integrated with the search engine APIs to provide sites verification and Search Analytics data.

See the page Google Search Console integration

  • Bing Webmaster Tools integration

Add Bing/Yahoo Page Traffic data shortcuts in Links Inspector
"Add Bing/Yahoo Page Traffic data" shortcuts in Links Inspector

See the page Bing Webmaster Tools integration

  • Mozscape API Integration

Tabular View with data columns from Moz
Tabular View with data columns from Mozscape

See the page Mozscape API Integration

  • And more to come!