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16 months of GSC data
Usability and UX improved
Conclusions, and what’s next


Mozscape API integration

Domain Authority and Page Authority are a well recognized metrics to assess the value of web pages. Since the disappearance of the Google toolbar PageRank we have been asked to add Moz URL metrics to the SEO tool. I'm happy to announce the integration with Mozscape data is now there:

Tabular View with data columns from Moz
Tabular View with data columns from Mozscape

Anywhere in Visual SEO Studio it makes sense to do it, you can add columns with metrics from Moz.
Where the feature is available, you'll see a new menu item in the grid upper-left context menu:

Adding Mozscape data in Visual SEO Studio grids
Adding Mozscape data in Visual SEO Studio grids

An easy-to-spot mini button in Tabular View saves one click:

Add data from Moz shortcuts in Tabular View
"Add data from Moz" mini-button in Tabular View

You can find similar shortcuts in other places as well.

To know more about the new feature, see the page "Moz API Integration".

16 months of GSC "Search Analytics" data

Now that since 18 June 2018 Google API permits it, we added support for fetching up to 16 months of data in Visual SEO Studio as well.

The new date ranges available for Search Analytics
The new date ranges available for "Search Analytics"

The same pre-arranged date ranges available in the new GSC are available as well.

Usability and UX improved

A brand new charting component

There are several improvements in User Experience and Usability. Among them, the most prominent is probably that Suggestions reports now use a brand new charting component to draw the pie chart.

The chart now always fits the available space properly, and user can more easily read the labels.

The new pie chart component in action
User can also rotate the graph in case the labels were overlapped.

The new pie chart is used in: HTML Suggestions, URL Suggestions, hreflang Analysis and GA Suggestions.

Better options windows

Options windows, accessible from menu Tools > Preferences were a mess.
Now they are much better aligned, their order has been rearranged and they all sport a title to make clear which of the left hand nodes they are related to.

The new Mozscape credentials window
Example of the improved layout: the new "Mozscape credentials" window.

There are other improvements in options windows; for example, we removed an annoying flickering effect that affected some users.

A more pleasant theme

The default colour scheme slightly changed making the light green more pastel-green to make it more eye-resting.

There actually is a complete theme engine under Visual SEO Studio UI; if we'll receive enough requests, we might consider adding a switcher to permit user changing the colour scheme at pleasure.

Conclusions, and what’s next

Grigua Binella is a further step toward extending APIs support in Visual SEO Studio and improve the overall user experience.
It contains several other improvements and fixes. For the full list, please read the Release Notes.

Meanwhile, on a parallel development branch, the Mac version is still evolving. A private beta have been already given to a couple of tester, and we plan to deliver the first public beta within the next few months.

Now, don't waste time: unleash Grigua Binella and extend your reports with Moz data!

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