Mozscape API Integration

Adding Moz metrics to your reports in Visual SEO Studio is straightforward, it just takes a click!

Moz metrics - in particular Domain Authority and Page Authority - are a well recognized method to assess the value of web pages. While not perfect, since the disappearance of the Google toolbar PageRank they give SEO specialists a precious hint of light in a world of uncertainty.

Tabular View with data columns from Moz
Tabular View with data columns from Mozscape

Visual SEO Studio permits adding the most common URL metrics from Mozscape anywhere it makes sense: be it the Tabular View with the list of crawled pages, or a subset of it (obtained from Custom Filters or any of the Suggestions reports), the list of images in Images Inspector, the list of snippets in Data Extraction, the list of contents in Readability Analysis, or the list of links in Links Inspector.

How to add data columns with Moz metrics:

It works post-crawl. You first need to crawl your site. You can also load a previously stored crawl session from the local database.

Once you visualize your crawl data with the Tabular View - or from any other grid where the Mozscape API integration is enabled - you will find the main grid has an additional option available in the context menu (you can access from the upper left corner, where the gear symbol is):

Adding Mozscape data in Visual SEO Studio grids
Adding Mozscape data in Visual SEO Studio grids

The first time you click on it you'll be presented the following configuration window:

Mozscape authorization settings
Mozscape authorization settings

Visual SEO Studio is able to understand whether the given Mozscape credentials are related to a free or a paid plan.

You can also configure your Mozscape API credentials from the options window you can reach from the main menu (Tools > Preferences > Mozscape).
Once you have configured correctly your access credentials, you'll not be asked again.

After launching the command, new columns with data from Moz URL metrics will be populated progressively:

Moz API call progression
Moz data insertion progression

Number and frequency of the API calls to the Mozscape service will be automatically throttled according to the API account plan.
You can see the number of rows fetched and their total to get an idea of his API quota consumption, and can stop the calls any time.

There are other shortcuts to add Moz data.
For example, the Tabular View provides an easier to spot mini-button on its top-right corner:

Add data from Moz shortcuts in Tabular View
"Add data from Moz" mini-button in Tabular View

Links Inspector main table provide the choice to add Moz metrics related to the links source or destination URL:

Add data from Moz shortcuts in Links Inspector
"Add data from Moz" shortcuts in Links Inspector

"Mozscape API integration" is available only in the Professional Edition. You can evaluate it for free for 15 days by registering the Trial version.

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