Crawl and Audit Ajax Sites

The first SEO Spider ever able to crawl Ajax sites, Visual SEO Studio lets you audit with ease sites obeying the crawlable Ajax specification.

Stop rejecting clients with Ajax based web sites, you have the proper tool of the trade to fully crawl and audit them.

An Ajax site fully crawled by Visual SEO Studio
An Ajax site (Wix based), fully crawled by Visual SEO Studio

There are millions of web sites out there using Ajax, and search engines do index them; with Visual SEO Studio you can inspect them as any other site, like a search engine bot would do.

The feature is fully integrated with the whole application, so that "pretty URLs" with hashbang symbol are correctly shown in:

  • All Crawl views (crawl, index, table...)
  • Page properties (URL, Canonical, ...)
  • SERP snippets
  • All reports (HTML/URL/GA Suggestions, Custom Filters, ...)
  • XML Sitemaps

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