Crawl View, see your site Crawl Paths

Visual SEO Studio shows you a search crawler perspective on your site link structure at a glance, helping you fix Crawl Path issues with ease.

The Crawl View visually shows a site crawl paths, the natural exploration paths a search engine spider takes to visit a web site starting from the home page.

Crawl Tree View detail - Visual SEO
Crawl Paths view and DOM view (click to enlarge)

This precious view lets you spot with ease:

  • the natural visit order of your pages, so often not what you expect
  • unexpected crawl paths wasting crawl budget
  • undesired redirection you never realized took place
  • the way the home page PR flows through your site pages
  • missing robots.txt file, broken links, ...

The view let you spot at a glance unexpected crawl paths so that you can intervene to optimize your crawl budget avoiding visits to non-indexable or non seo-interesting pages.

An optimized crawl budget saves the spider useless visits to non interesting pages sparing your web server unnecessary load, and speeds up the indexing of your site pages.

This is particularly important for large sites with thousand of pages, where a carefully sculpted crawl path can save hours of spidering, accelerating the indexing of new and changed contents and helping the search engine to keep a fresh index.

It also helps the search engine to better understand your site structure.

Without the contribution of external links, the crawl tree also gives you a pretty clear idea of the “Page Rank flow”.

Aside tools:

  • HTTP issues
  • Non-crawled items
  • Search Results
  • Page links
  • SERP snippet simulator
  • Session Properties
  • Page Properties
  • HTML view
  • DOM view
  • Screenshot window

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