robots.txt Tools

Looking for a robots.txt editor, viewer, test tool...? Visual SEO Studio robots.txt gives you them all in one, in a full-fledged IDE experience.

Forget the limited tool provided by Google Webmaster Tool (which, by the way, since May 2012 dropped support for the robots.txt editor):
Visual SEO Studio sports a powerful viewer, tester and editor for robots.txt files.

robots.txt Tools - Visual SEO Studio

  • A full-featured viewer/editor with syntax highlighting
  • Drag'n'Drop path editing from a folder tree view
  • Cross search engine syntax checker and diagnostics
  • Multi-agent tester
  • Looks for Crawl-Delay presence (Google ignores it, but others don't and it is important to have it in place!)
  • BOM issues Diagnostics (your directives might be ignored even if the syntax is correct!)
  • and more...
  • Checks for Sitemaps list.
  • Correctly supports multi robots.txt per domain (every used sub-domain is supposed to have one!)
  • Reports robots.txt HTTP response code issues that might affect your indexing or crawl performance.

This feature is not ready for prime time and only partially published in the current version.

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