How to export the data of your pages

Visual SEO Studio makes your work flow less dependent on a spreadsheet, yet there are many cases when you want to export crawled pages data.

Why exporting data?

  • pass data to team mates in a common format
  • create customized reports for the clients
  • integrate analysis with external data
  • further elaborate data with tools typical of a spreadsheet (e.g. pivot tables, etc...)
  • create graphs not provided by the tool

How to export data from any Visual SEO Studio table

Every single table with data in Visual SEO Studio can natively be exported to Excel and CSV formats.
All you have to do is:

  1. click on upper-left gear icon and pop up a context menu

    Upper-left context menu from gear icon

  2. select the desired format (e.g. Excel)
  3. confirm a file name and location
  4. you'll then be asked whether to open the newly created document

Exporting to Excel has the advantage over the CSV format that data types are already correct: dates, number, etc... are stored with own formats, and the header is pre-formatted.
We are proud to say Visual SEO Studio has been the first SEO tool to support native Excel format (compatible with OpenOffice and LibreOffice as well).

Export data with helper buttons

Some reports and functions within Visual SEO Studio provide a visible button to export data, easier to spot compared to the context menu. The functions are equivalent.
Such helper buttons can be found for example in Tabular View, or in Links Inspector.

Export to Excel helper button
Export to Excel helper button

Export data shown in suggestions tree-views

Data shown in tree views - e.g. duplicated titles in HTML Suggestions, and many other cases - can be exported passing through the Tabular View.

Open in Tabular View data from a suggestions tree-view
Open in Tabular View data from a suggestions tree-view

The filtered data will be loaded in Tabular View as a subset of the entire crawled pages. From there, you'll be able to export the table content the usual way.

Exporting to XML Sitemap

The Tabular View also permits to export its content to an XML Sitemap.
This makes a very powerful feature when the loaded content is a specific subset. For example you might want to produce a specific subset of pages using a Custom Filter; this a common scenario for e-commerce owners who want to submit a sitemap for only a set of product pages, or for webmasters who want to accelerate the discovery of redirected pages.

Export to XML Sitemap button
Export to XML Sitemap button

Note: there are other ways to build a XML Sitemap, more immediate. Read the Visual XML Sitemaps Tools page for further details.

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