Tabular View, Crawl data in a grid

After all the visual SEO tools, you still a die-hard data cruncher who wants SEO data in a table? Visual SEO Studio's Tabular View brings you more!

So, you have the Crawl View to quickly spot crawl order at a glance, you have the Directory View to get a quick overview of your site structure, but you are a die hard data eater with a deep love for spreadsheets?
Tabular view is your friend then!

Tabular View
Tabular View (click to enlarge)

All the crawled pages you can sort, filter, arrange the way you want... and if you are crazy enough to want to leave the powerful user interface, you can even export to Excel. Yes, native Excel format! Not the plain text of the CSV file (which is available too), I mean standard Office Open XML, supported by Excel since rel. 97 and OpenOffice too.

Visual SEO Studio can export SEO data to ExcelStop spending time instructing Excel on how to import CVS files, what data types columns are, fixing mangled text data mistaken as numbers, having to fix decimal separator and re-import data columns in the correct regional format: let native data format handle it!
Right click on the columns header and save tons of time! Your data will be formatted with the correct data type you will visualize with your current country settings, and there is a handy header row to ease your work!

Tabular View Brings you:

  • Two way sort on any columns
  • Rearrange columns order as you please
  • Hide/show the columns as you want
  • Filter and search them
  • All side tools comprised! (http issues, screenshots, ...)
  • Native Excel data export format
  • OpenOffice support
  • CVS file format available too (but you won't need it any more)

Data Export features: 

  • Native Excel format
  • OpenOffice support implicit
  • Embedded column data types
  • See your data with your regional country settings
  • Formatted column header

By the way: boring CVS file format available too... but you won't need it!

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