Crawl URL Lists: off-site analysis

Auditing a backlink profile importing URLs from different data source has never been easier. Crawl all pages with inbound links to your site to analyze them.

SEO professionals need to crawl URL lists from various domains to audit a site backlink profile.
Visual SEO Studio "Crawl a URL list" crawl mode makes off-site analysis straightforward.

The feature makes you easily import backlink URLs from all major backlink intelligence providers recognizing their proprietary CSV formats.

URL lists can be merged from multiple sources
URL lists can be merged from multiple sources (click to enlarge)

A preview lets you see whether the chosen format is correct.

a preview lets you import from the most common backlink intelligence providers CSV formats
a preview let you import from the most common backlink intelligence providers CSV formats

The software merges the lists for you, removing duplicate entries after an URL normalization.
Imported URL lists for some sites can be huge; Visual SEO Studio handles them smoothly.
URLs can also be imported from a list copied in the clipboard. They just need to be an URL per line.

When crawling a list to audit a backlink profile, it's highly recommended to specify which domain the analysis will refer to:

Linked domain field
Recommended: specify the domain you want to analyze the backlinks of

This way the spider will also crawl the destination URLs when it finds links pointing to such domain.

What's the next step?
Once you have all the URLs crawled, you can perform a full backlink audit by using Links Inspector!

"Crawl URL List" main features:

  • Lets you import URLs from various CSV (comma separated value) formats
  • All major backlink intelligence providers CSV formats are supported
  • Gives a preview of what is going to import
  • Merges URL lists from different sources for you
  • Removes duplicate entries for you
  • Applies an URL normalization
  • Gives you all the reporting power provided for normal site explorations
  • Merged lists can also be sorted and/or saved
  • Copy from clipboard supported
  • Huge lists handled smoothly

"Crawl URL Lists" is available only in the Professional Edition. You can evaluate it for free for 15 days by registering the Trial version.

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