Multi-Lingual User Interface SEO Tool

Visual SEO Studio speaks English, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish... and more languages are to come to better serve its user base.

When you install Visual SEO Studio, it comes with all available language packages installed.
At first start it will try to show your language if available, or will use English instead.

Visual SEO Studio user interface supports multiple languagesThe language switcher lets you change user interface language at any time.

Available languages are:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polski
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • ...more will come!

Adding a language support is quite an effort, as we have to find the translators, follow and assist them, keep all languages aligned with new developments, be able to at least get a sense of the language, have translation quality double checked by other native-speakers, and ensure we have at least a backup volunteer to maintain the translation.
That's why for now we are prioritizing languages which are largely spoken worldwide, especially in countries where English is not well-known.

Being Visual SEO Studio Community Edition a free product, translations are done by volunteers (Yes, people do volunteer, and it's touching when it happens. Spare time is the most precious commodity one can give nowadays. Thank you!), in a collaborative process with the software author.

Translators earn a Professional Edition licence, are credited in the About Box credits space and in public announcements when a new language is released. And they are kept in mind for further "developments" in the product future.

You don't see your language? Are you keen to volunteer for the translation?
So try to contact us using the menu option "Send the author a message" from within the software help menu. We might talk about it. Translating the software is not a one-step process, it's iterative, takes effort and care, and possibly implies maintenance for future developments.

Best candidates for translating the program are:

  • Satisfied users of Visual SEO Studio
    This is a mandatory requirement. Not only it helps with motivation, satisfied users know the context, deeply know the product (and often further learn about it when translating its messages), have an understanding of where some messages might appear in the user interface, and can often come with insightful suggestions for further product improvements.
  • Have a good knowledge of Technical SEO
    We'd work in collaboration and we would do our homework, but having a person who knows the niche jargon helps hugely.
  • Native speakers of the language they want to translate Visual SEO Studio into.
    Of course volunteers are not to be discarded soon; for the Spanish translation for example we leveraged non-native volunteers who did a great job, and enabled me to at least release the experimental support to the language and ask native-Spanish professional to give feedback and corrections.
  • Have a good understanding of English (or Italian)
    It's necessary to properly get the sense of what you have to translate. The software is also translated in Italian - the author's native language - so if you understand Italian, that's fine.
  • Be patient and scrupulous, and test translations with the UI.
    One cannot simply walk the translation process just by translating plain text. One should test the effect it has when it appears in the program User Interface. Some texts might be too long, or need a different interpretation. That takes time.
  • Having a programming background.
    That helps. Especially with experience in software internationalization. The reason is they have to use special tools, managed XML translation files, be ready to install-uninstall private beta versions of the product... doing it with ease really speeds up the work.

That said, any help is appreciated. May be the language is already translated, but you feel it might be better: just contact us with the "Send the author a message", and let me know.
Or, the language is not available yet, but has been announced as in development and we called for volunteers to test it. Just shout us back, and you will be given access to a private preview to try.