Manual: Content

The feature "Content" of Visual SEO Studio, documented in detail.


This panel displays the content of the selected resource, when available.
It can show textual content like the code of HTML pages, robots.txt files and XML Sitemaps - displaying them with the proper syntax highlighting - and image files.


The address of the page the shown code belongs to, or of the displayed image.

Displaing textual resources

Textual resources are resources like HTML pages, robots.txt files and XML Sitemaps.

Code viewer

Displays the textual content of the selected resource, when available.
Lines are numbered, and displayed with the proper syntax highlighting.
You can select and copy its content, and search for it with the Search panel.

Search panel

This intuitive panel provides an easy way to search for a text fragment within the document code.
Inserting a text fragment in the textbox, the first found occurrence will be highlighted in the Code viewer; by using the arrow buttons you can jump to the next or previous occurrence. You also have an option to distinguish upper and lower case letters when searching.
When no occurrence of the fragment is found, the textbox will get a reddish background.

Displaying image resources

Images resources are image files like JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, WebP and SVG.

Image viewer

Displays the content of the selected image resource, when available.

For a normal website crawl images are downloaded and analyzed, but not stored by default. You need to enable the Store images option before exploring the website to be able to view them in the Image viewer.


The image weight, expressed in bytes, or KB, or MB... depending on what makes more sense to do.


The horizontal and vertical image dimensions, expressed in pixel.


The selected image format name.


The Scale push-button makes the image viewer scale down the image proportionally to fit the available space, when its natural dimensions exceed it.


The Actual push-button makes the image viewer show the image at its full size; when it exceed the available space user will have to use the scrollbars to view the hidden parts.