Manual: Plain text

The feature "Plain text" of Visual SEO Studio, documented in detail.

Plain text

This panel displays the "plain text" extracted from the given web page.

Before extracting the plain text Visual SEO Studio discards from the HTML source code sections it recognizes as part of the page boilerplate and not actual content: header, footer, navigational menu, etc.
In Readability Analysis you can go a step further and insert an XPath expression to extract the exact text fragment you want.


The address of the page the shown text belongs to.


The number of words found in the text.


The number of sentences found in the text.


The number of characters found in the text.

Text viewer

Displays the plain text extracted from selected resource.
You can select and copy its content, and search for it with the Search panel.

Search panel

This intuitive panel provides an easy way to search for a text fragment within the whole text.
Inserting a text fragment in the textbox, the first found occurrence will be highlighted in the Text viewer; by using the arrow buttons you can jump to the next or previous occurrence. You also have an option to distinguish upper and lower case letters when searching.
When no occurrence of the fragment is found, the textbox will get a reddish background.