Manual: Properties

The feature "Properties" of Visual SEO Studio, documented in detail.


This panel details all properties of the item selected in the main tab sheet.
The item is normally a file resource located by a URL, but could also be a folder in Folder View.

Property grid

Displays all the selected item properties, showing for each name and value.
By selecting an entry, you will be able to read a short description better illustrating its meaning in the lower part of the grid.
For file resources, properties are grouped in logical groups:

  • Crawl
    Properties concerning the state of the resource during the crawl process (e.g. Download Time).
  • HTML
    Properties extracted from the HTML content (for HTML resources only).
  • HTTP
    Properties extracted from the HTTP response headers.
  • Index
    Properties concerning the indexability of the resource.
  • Misc
    Miscellaneous properties of the resource. In some cases they are the computation of the result action of several other properties (e.g. Index and Follow).

Folder pie

In case the selected item were a folder, also have at your disposal a 3D pie chart showing the distribution of detected byte content for each subfolder.

You can rotate the pie chart (using click and drag), zoom it in and out (holding the SHIFT key and click+drag), and invoke a context menu when clicking the mouse right button:

Folder pie context menu
Folder pie context menu

Context menu command items are:

  • Copy chart
    Copies in the clipboard memory the graph image.
  • Save image as...
    Permits to save the chart as an image file.
  • Restore
    Redraws the chart with the initial levels of rotation and zoom.