Manual: Screenshot

The feature "Screenshot" of Visual SEO Studio, documented in detail.


This right side panel permits to take and view screenshots of the selected web page.
The first time you select a node in the Crawl View or the Folder View, or a row in the Tabular View, since there are no screenshots to show yet, the panel will offer you to take one:

No screenshots to show, yet
No screenshots to show, yet

If you click on the Take one! button (or invoke the equivalent context menu command Take Screenshot... in the main view), the program will load the web page to acquire the miniature.
You can choose the desired screen resolution:

'Take a Screenshot' window
"Take a Screenshot" window

The width in pixel of the miniature can be customized in the program Options, reachable via the program main menu Tools -> Preferences... entry.

The miniature will be taken of the full web page, including also the part "below the fold", i.e. the part you should use the vertical scrollbar to see.

Screenshot Viewer, in 'Scale' and 'Adapt' modes
Screenshot Viewer, in "Scale" and "Adapt" modes

The image can be saved or copied in the system clipboard. By clicking on it with the mouse right button you will see a context menu with the following entries:

  • Copy Image to clipboard
  • Save Image...

You can take more screenshots of the same web page over time, at different resolutions.
This panel will only show the most recent one; to see them all, use the "View domain Shots" feature.